Kansas Interlock


"This will never happen to me"

Have you heard someone make that comment?  It can happen to any one at any time, if they drink and drive


 We offer a training lesson by our certified staff.  We will remain with you until you feel comfortable to drive. 


 The Determinator 2 is a Kansas certified ignition interlock device.  It is equipped with camera and bilingual languages. The durable ignition interlock device hardware consists of a user-friendly and discreet mouthpiece, and a control module, which is wired to the vehicle. The system analyzes blood alcohol content and determines if a driver is within a legal limit to get behind the wheel



Alcohol Detection Systems is a State of Kansas Certified Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock. Our Alcohol Detection System (ADS), The Determinator®, is a state-of-the-art ignition interlock device, an automotive safety device.